S02E14: Why Do Churches Forget Evangelism?

Jesus' final command was "go and make disciples" and yet so often churches and church plants struggle to engage in the work of evangelism. Shaila Visser from Alpha Canada joins us to talk about the status of evangelism in Canada.


S02E13: Helping in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, the needs for those affected continue. Justin Hayslett joins the podcast to talk about how his organization is caring for vulnerable children affected by the conflict.


S02E09: Loving the City

If your church suddenly disappeared from the city you're in, would anyone notice? In this episode, Marc Pilon unpacks the value of loving the city we're in and how that…


S02E06: Church Planting Residencies

Geoff Wright and Trent Walker discuss Church Planting Residencies, what they are, why they’re a valuable tool.

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