If you are going to plant a church, you will need support. Not just money, even though that is important and something we can help with. But you will need people that will be there for you and with you in all stages of your ministry.

Acts 29 Canada is intended to be a team for you. We all have the same goal. We want for you, your family, and the church plant to go well for the glory of King Jesus. By being part of Acts 29 Canada, you are joining a camaraderie of people doing what you are doing. 

Just as within the church, not every church planter or pastor is gifted in the same way. Therefore, within the network, there is someone who has gone through what you are going through and wants to walk with you in that. 

Just as you receive support during your ministry, you also are being called to offer support out to others. There is a beautiful give-and-take that happens within the network. We are looking forward to speaking with you more about the opportunity ahead of you.


We want to be able to offer training to everyone in your church, from the brand new follower of Jesus to the aspiring church planter. Therefore, we have broken up the training into the two following categories:

Flexible short courses for church members, small group leaders, interns, and elders who want to keep being equipped for discipleship and ministry.

A competency-based curriculum completed in the context of the local church. This training is designed for church planters, aspiring church leaders, specialist ministry leaders or those desiring to go further with theology and practice.


Planting a church is a challenging task. Acts 29 exists to support the local church as it identifies, raises up and sends out new church plants. Our goal for all church plants is that they become healthy churches that go on to plant more churches. This process starts with assessment.

Through assessment, Acts 29 seeks to

  • Recruit potential planters; helping them explore a future in church planting
  • Assess and develop new church planters; setting them up for long-term success.
  • Partner with existing churches; facilitating further church planting.

In each of these categories, we have specific assessment tracks designed to engage with churches and planters at whatever stage they are at in church planting. 


Every new church planter will be provided a coach to walk with them after assessment. This is a crucial time to have someone who knows the specifics of what you are going through and what you are working on. 

But at other times in ministry, it is important to have coaching as well. This is where the network offers a variety of experience, situations, and contexts. Many planters and pastors ask for informal or formal coaching from others depending on the season of their ministry or what they are experiencing. This type of coaching is available within Acts 29 Canada.